Commencing NYFWM / by andrew morales

When I came up with "Life In Reverie" (Life in a daydream, living your dream) it was more of a mindset and way of thinking than my reality. I can finally say I'm living out my dream. It's been a long road; I've been attending fashion week for about 5 years and 4 of those were me outside shooting street style, trying to network. Sometimes I would crash a show just so that I could get content and meet people. Work for the passion and then the money will come. 2016 has been an amazing year. Happy to say I'll be shooting the shows for WWD this time around. 

Hat - FlameKeepers Hat Club

Suit/Tie/Shirt/Shoes - SuitSupply

"I been living life and I hope that you do the same / If you ain't doing what you love its only you to blame" -Logic